a love letter

friday night vegan borscht

I have not always loved soup.
In fact, I downright hated it for most of my life.
I prefer cold foods to hot.
I don’t think food that comes from a can is good.
I like to chew my food instead of drinking it.

….and yet, 4 years ago I tried making my own soup for the very first time.
And everything changed.
I love soup.
All year long.
I make it constantly, freezing it for later use, gifting it to friends, reading soup recipes when I should be doing work.
I make so much soup that I am researching small chest freezers because I have outgrown my freezer capacity.

These days, in post-breakup reality, cooking for one has become more of a chore than a labor of love.
Cooking for one is damn hard, as my default is to cook for 3-4 rather than single, solo me.
Soup has become my go-to perfection meal, especially since it just gets tastier and tastier as the days pass on.

So, dearest soup. This holiday season, I thank you for your warm embrace.

As I end this hellish year of 2012, I am working on some soup recipes of my own to share with the world.

Perhaps you will make them to share with yourself, or your family, or your loved ones, or strangers.

Happy Solstice, internet.