Running + Canoeing

Things have been busy over here in the Hasen Haus. March and April were a little derailed for me, but now after some long thoughts and re-prioritizing my goals and life I feel back on track. So how about some sharing of things I’ve done?

Last year I ran my first half marathon. I do not consider myself a runner but rather a bicycle rider who runs, so long distance running is hard for me. It’s mostly a mental block around the long distance and I discovered that 13.1 miles is a horrible amount. I came in 4th to last (not last!) and completed in a touch over 3 hours. The course was hilly at the beginning and end (and by hills, I mean HILLS) and I didn’t stick to my training plan towards the end of my pre-race training. But, I finished! And then swore I wouldn’t do it again. And then signed up for my second half marathon 4 days later (wait, what?). I was all slated to run in the Love Run at the end of March 2014, but this time sticking to a training plan to appropriately increase mileage.

Well…my body decided that wasn’t going to happen. I will go out on a limb here (pun intended) and say that this running injury is all my own fault. I increase mileage quicker than I should have and when achilles heel pain started at the end of August last year I ignored it…and ignored it…and ignored it. One morning in early 2014, I woke up like normal and put my feet to the ground next to my bed and could barely walk on my right foot. My entire right heel sole felt like a massive bruise, and man did that hurt! I put my feet up and stopped running while contemplating what to do. Ultimately, I canceled my bib number and received a partial refund for my entry fee and worked on swimming and weights at the local YMCA instead of running. I didn’t think I would miss running…

I started having dreams about running.

Many dreams about running.

And it felt like flying.


Come April, I ran a couple of times knowing that I had an epicly awesome race coming with my dear friend J. We were teamed up for a running and canoe race in the Perkiomen Watershed – the Lenape Survival Challenge. Our unofficial team name was/is Teamnacity, cause we are tenacious beasts of awesome. I even whipped up a couple of team uniform cotton flannel cowls, embroidered with our initials and team name of course, from the lovely line of fabrics ‘Take a Hike’ from Jack and Lulu for Dear Stella. I mean, how often do you see fabric with canoes on them, right before you are entering a canoe race?!


The race boasted a 4.6 mile run followed by a 2+ mile canoe. Mind you, I have never canoed in my life. My teammate is a native of Cape Cod. She has canoed a lot. Mind you, this also included a 500ft elevation at the end. This turned out to be a ski slope. Literally, running up the backside of the slope and down the front. I kid you not. This was an intense route and this was the first race that both of us had run in 2014(my break due to my achilles, and J’s due to a knee injury). Of course the famed West Philly Runners cleaned up like gazelles while Teamnacity swept up the back end. We completed in 1hr 42min, and were really not all that far behind the pack.




Man, was this a great time! I learned to canoe on the fly, while canoeing and steering through some sections with rocks and fast running water and strategically placed dive teams (what!). We did not flip the canoe once! Apparently, lots of other teams had trouble staying in their boat. We came in 2nd to last, but mostly because the sweepers didn’t let themselves beat us.

Teamnacity will be back next year, for sure! That was awesome.


Now I need to figure out where I can canoe locally and how insane (or smart?) it would be to have my own canoe that I toted around by bike…hmmmm…

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