The Hasen Haus: Bedroom rehab

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that the backyard, what was supposed to be my first finished “room” of the house, is going to be on the back burner for awhile. Yards are a lot of work! I’ll be picking at it now and then, but that will be a work in progress for a long time until I’m finally happy with it.

So I’ve moved my efforts and focus indoors. The first two rooms I’m working on are the bathroom and my bedroom. The hot and humid weather in Philadelphia has made the thought of repainting the bathroom (much needed) a horrible one. I finally carved some time out to put up some shelves in my bedroom and sew a curtain.


I painted this room before moving in, in January 2014. The color is Utah Sky by Behr and it is really lovely. Eventually I will repaint the trim in the whole house, but for now the crappy white painted trim will suffice. This is the view, southward, of my tiny sparse bedroom. Hung on the walls are a reproduction of an old Philadelphia railroad map, my favorite photo of my late grandfather, and the print I screened commemorating my Amama’s 90th birthday last year. As you can see, Miss Greta the puppy sleeps near me every night, much to the cats’ chagrin. I ordered a pretty cat door to add to my bedroom door to allow the cats to come in and out of the bedroom, to keep cool in my room’s air conditioning. Hopefully that will create more pet peace, since my bed is the cats’ former throne of catnap glory and I think they miss it. I also miss having them at my feet at night.

I hung a curtain rod from IKEA and sewed a simple one panel curtain this morning, with my Saturday morning cup of coffee, from a Moda Fabric I had in my stash. Anyone who knows me knows that I love mint, gray, light blues, light yellows, and flowers. This fabric works perfect with the paint color, too.


The big blank wall above the bed still perplexes me. It’s a shared wall with the neighbor, therefore brick (read: annoying to hang anything), but I want to put something up there. I’m toying with the idea of a quote banner but haven’t decided on anything yet. Next up, finish organizing my closet, which is the north side of the room, and deem this one as DONE.

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